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Hey there, I'm Crystal and welcome to my blog!
I am attending college to major in Animation. I'm in love with traditional hand drawn 2D animation. but I do have some knowledge on 3D Animation. I am a huge Walt Disney fanatic, and I am trying to obtain that type of drawing style that we all know and love.


You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

(Random question sorry( How do you draw hair? When I do it it literally just ends up as random marks on a page... But when you draw it it just seems so... Fluffy... I want to pet it...


oh, hair is very fun to draw for me!


keep things loose, airy, fluffy, and voluminous! it also depends on the type of hair the person has, and the texture and thickness too. but in general, i like drawing it with loose lines because hair is always soft. even if it’s in a tight updo, draw loose and stray hairs because HAIR IS NEVER PERFECT, no matter how much hairspray you put! one tiny sprig is bound to pop out!


volume is very important because all hair has volume! there is a difference between straight hair and wet hair. straight hair will have some volume to it, a little bounce in it. only wet hair will be completely straight.

i included how i draw mustang’s hair because mustang’s hair is really fun to draw, and it shows really well this guide i use in a lot of my hair. i like to push the hair out, make it look like it’s bouncing and being fluffed up from the hairline. and then i pull things back in, don’t let things get too out of control and keep it all tucked in. and his bangs, i push them towards his ear because it looks much softer than having it just hang in front of his eyes.


and finally, DIVERSITY.i try and stress this a lot because it’s important that you show all the different types of people there are so that your characters can become more interesting, so that they don’t look like they’re all the same person in just different clothes. diversity is something i struggle with, it’s something i need to work on. but remember that everybody is different and everyone is unique!

i hope this helped you! :D

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