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Hey there, I'm Crystal and welcome to my blog!
I am attending college to major in Animation. I'm in love with traditional hand drawn 2D animation. but I do have some knowledge on 3D Animation. I am a huge Walt Disney fanatic, and I am trying to obtain that type of drawing style that we all know and love.


When guests forget Cast Members are fellow human beings

Legolas was an obese baby elfling



I guess Thranduil couldn’t stop spoiling Daddy’s little princeling.

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The Haunted Mansion: The Story Behind the Ride... »


The Haunted Mansion is one of Disneyland’s most popular rides, and many fans have made stories for the ride based on what they’ve seen. Walt himself stated he didn’t want to create a distinct story because he wanted people to experience many different ones as they ride. But here is one of the fan…

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